30 Dec 2009

Be mindful...

I believe that, instead of giving a religious the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks.

25 Dec 2009

Merry X-Mass!

I’m not going to call it Christmas and I’ve got my own reasons, first of all I’m an atheist so I do not need him! Secondly, there is no evidence that he was born on 25 of December.

Moreover, it seems that it is a day which is same with winter’s solstice, so again there is no relation between the winter’s solstice and Jesus… as a result, I rather to put X instead of Christ…

But why mass?

Simply because usually in this day I got massive experiences from the year that is going to be passed…

6 Dec 2009

There is a meaning underneath...

When you can’t see, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing.

30 Nov 2009

Injustice, Natural Selection or Lack of awareness???

I reached the conclusion that really some of people are just alive simply because it is against the law to kill them…

I know what you may think now, but there is no necessity that common sense being so common between us, that’s why Obama can get Nobel Prize or Z. Rahnavard listed as one of the top 100 thinkers of 2009 around the world (as FP measured – rubbish and full of uncertainty-).

18 Nov 2009


The day I’ve become to world without any reasons and now I’m thinking to find some reasons in the base of nothing to be alive… (See the larger image here)

12 Nov 2009

Description of real RESISTANCE...

As we know the resistance is potential difference times current. Potential differences between two points produce a force that is called e.m.f that tends to push charges from one point to another. Current is the rate of flow charges per time across the wire.

But what is the real resistance? In my opinion, people with many differences make a huge potential (P.D.), so the society starts changing. And the population of people who are standing for their needs can make a significant current. So when these two grow alongside each other; a significant resistance can be made.

22 Oct 2009


A year ago in a same day with today, when I was in a different mood, my brain ordered to me to create this virtual space. The year was passing and too many changes happened to change the pattern of my life. Yet it doesn’t change the fundamental principles of my thought. By the way as I mentioned I’ve got too many new patterns which I need to understand them to put up with them even some of them are even unbelievable, how to reach…

However, I don’t know how to understand the unfair life. I just got this result that these are just the imaginary part of my life and there should be a way to take out the negative sign from the life’s squared root! In contrast I believe that the pattern of the unfair life is much more complex than just the numeral complexity. But I’m still crazy about complexity there should be a way!!! I’ll find it…

9.8*10^12 Km has passed and the life is to be continued...

18 Oct 2009

Brief Grasp...

I heard too many times from Islamist politicians that democracy doesn’t work; it seems to me that they don’t understand anything. Of course, the word doesn’t work, but we should work it. It is just like jihad that has a delusive meaning and we should stop it. That’s the difference between reality and suppositious; we should work for reality and try to stop suppositious.

15 Oct 2009

Additional Point !?!

I just wanted to add a point to T. W. Wilson’s statement who said:” A conservative is a man who just sits and thinks, mostly sits.” In fact, it can be clearly seen in Iran these days.

But it is important to be considered why is that? In my opinion, Islamist politicians have a brain that is located in their waistlines instead of heads. So too many errors occur during thinking!!!

21 Sept 2009

Brain attack. . ,!

I’ve got this question in my mind for many years;
Have you ever got a love which you’ve loved it just because of feeling of love?

I think people even created God to love him and use him when they need a backrest!!!

I wonder about people why we usually take an action to make a challenging trouble and then we are going to call it life and by just using this method we are going to be normal human unless that, we will be called crazy just because no one understand us!!!

20 Sept 2009

Lamed structure!

There are three main stages to make a government paralyzed:

1. Ignore the government’s legitimacy.
2. Making gaps in the government.
3. Paralyzing the government.

Recommendation: In my opinion and may in some others’ opinions. See where are you now?

19 Sept 2009

A moment at subconscious...

I have not too much to say but feel too many inside of myself and I don’t know if I should express them or not, in fact I don’t want to make my blog painful, by the way these pains make a part of my life which I should put up with them to pass them away!!! I’m going to solve them, yeah it’s better.

I agree that some problems are caused by me or they are natural but some of them are unwanted. I’m going to get help from Plato who said we love our children because of our survival. Yeah our parent took an action and we came to the world unwanted and following that we and the challenging world remain alone…

30 Aug 2009

Night Fever...

I’d like to fly from here to beyond of space,

I want to throw the earthly life away,

I’d like to experience new seasons on my life,

I need to embrace death,

I just need to breath in fresh air,

I just need a place to flee from confusion fear,

Yet, I believe in this,






25 Aug 2009

When I walk and when I talk!!!

These actions are just like each other. If you take a step without thinking then you gonna be in trouble. Similarly if you say something desultory then it gonna be harsh for you. It is a great conclusion, isn’t it?

7 Aug 2009

In Less Than 4 Hours...

She left when I was thinking that I fell in love,
I knew myself, but when she came to my life,
I lost myself to find her, but she were nothing,
I just thought that she is the meaning of love,
But now I’ve got nothing in love,

She left and I’m alone with destroyed of me,
By the way, I still believe in it that,
Anything which doesn’t kill me,
Will make me advanced and powerful…

30 Jul 2009

Old Decision

Human rights or God rights? I just do not know why some of people try to do something good just because of God; it is just like that you forget your breast.

I don’t know why people try to divert themselves on God in order to reject conscience. And I’m wonder about this God who has a right to kill people and so on…

But I’m really sorry I can’t pray this God and instead of him I’m praying myself and I’m trying to be happy and help others to be happy like me…

21 Jul 2009

Brief on suicide

For many years suicide was not a justify action on people’s mind. It was not acceptable in any way. But, in my view, during the enlightenment’s time in Europe and when David Hume had written on suicide, this issue became as an important subject.

Recently, too many works had done on this issue and wide range of people include politician, philosopher and so on expressed their ideas about suicide.

In my opinion, we should deeply concern about this subject as it is one of the most important issue in developing countries. It may have too many effects on society and people. In addition, it is not a comparative issue and as a result of that each case should be concerned as an individual.
Moreover, it is highly important to know that anyone who commits suicide has enough reasons to do that like a person who is living due to enough reasons.

Finally, I would like to end my talk by saying that, please be logical about suicide. Please know about the case and then judge…

15 Jul 2009

Lunatic Love...

"Sometimes you should annihilate in order to make something new, do not bash if you were toward killing, it is a way of achievement." By ME!

Love always needs change, and you should be able to train your partner in order to make a change, but if he or she wanted to be a savage person. Select the way which I’ve mentioned above…

“My wife Mary and I have been married for forty-seven years and not once have we had an argument serious enough to consider divorce; murder, yes, but divorce, never.” By J. Benny

30 Jun 2009

Love in my ken!

It is the outcome of my brain’s chaos:

“Before I felt in love I was confused about this subject. Having looked to her actions I am still confused. But on a higher level.”

And as Richard Feynman said:” Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.”

Alone with you...

Have you ever thought that you can fall in love with a spike? It became to my mind when I’ve seen that my heartbeats have confused due to the illusion and fake love.

But still there are some things which I’ve fallen in love with them, something like my laptop’s keyboard, which allows me to type and quote my emotions. It lets me to touch it and feel it whenever that I need it, it keeps all of my words in a visual space and gives clearance to see my passive deliberation. It saves me without reasons and questions.

And I’m alone at a long night with the moonlight color which comes from the laptop’s screen and the emotions and solicitudes are current between us.

Bloody Tears...

Have you read news during last two weeks?
Yeah, the ancient empire of the middle-east was unrest,
It was seeing that how people have killed because of FREEDOM,
The land of my childhood was wallowing in blood,
And the only thing which is remained is that the old hut which is too cold now,
But still I can see the light from the bottom of shadow...

31 May 2009

The THING!?!

Always thinking about how,

Always wondering about why,

The brain is lost by emotion,

And emotion damaged by brain,

While they were in peace,

The thing attacked and destroyed anything,

And all of these are existed inside,

The moment of collapse is coming,


26 May 2009

Fundamentalism II

Well, there are some reasons which made the current condition worse (like now in middle-east societies). Just imagine that there is a rule which everyone should obey it (like religion). But someone wants to change it in order to adaption with the rule and current condition (i.e. you believe in religion but you want to keep others content as well). It just likes reformation but it is not! Why? Because basic pillars are still stable.

The further point is that, when you are doing something and you believe in that, then you probably can encourage people to follow you. Thus, something like mashed potato will come up. The word of “mashed potato” is used because in this case, people are completely confused and they just have artificial satisfaction, or in fact they burned with your rule, and it produced an inseparable ruler ship.

But, why I’ve mentioned these kinds of thing? Well, as I’ve written in last post, all of these policies make an artificial modernity and westernism in middle-east which just led people to deep decadence. This is fundamentalism but with the modernized mask.

21 May 2009

Fundamentalism I

Well, I have no idea about what’s going on!

Some days ago, I’ve planned a research in order to write a paper for CSA. The research is about many things which can be using to analyze the cultural reformation.

One of its parts was about girls from different areas around the world. In fact, before I wanted to start the research, I’ve got some ideas about what is going to be happened, but the result was even worse than of my predictions.

But still it’s not my problem. In fact, I don’t know how in a society which people have got fundamental problems about the basic things in their relationships we would be able to solve the homosexual’s problems.

In my opinion, the main problem in this kind of cases is just culture and reformist’s movements. Well, it is just like that you want to be someone who you haven’t seen him or her yet. Yap, when you are living in middle-east and you try to be westernized without any knowledge then it’s going to be a disaster.

And it can be clearly seen that, why the relationship between boys and girls in western society is much better than the same relation in eastern and especially in middle-east.

To be continued…

27 Apr 2009

On death razor

My brain has gone beyond the world; there is a bunch of problem without solution on my nerve. It’s too hard if you try to see the fact by just 3mm of eye’s pupil, and even harder when facts are coming from every direction and they attack to brain. Now I have to realize them and find a solution but…

The weather is cold but when I was looking at mirror, I’ve found my -self flooded in sweat. I’ve found just two bloody eyes and my brain as a rough draft after math exam.

And after all I’ve found my –self as an agar which is burning till death and after that there will be a fragrant nebula of me around you which you can’t feel it because you just will have focused on my ashes as other people will do.

24 Apr 2009

Dimensions quake

There is no chance, I don’t know but sometimes I feel that there is no way for me to change many things. You know, when you got on one road you can’t change it to another one, and if you want to go back there will be a bunch of problems. So what?

Yeah I’ve just found that everything is sometimes depending on the origin. There should be many chances and one of them had chosen with respect to different terms and we will be adapted with them.

And even more you can’t go back because you are just drowned in space-time and sometime you even are not able to see your front. But in contrast I still believe that there should be a solution to change the type of evolution and make a new revolution.

20 Apr 2009

No doubt

There is no doubt for people to understand, and this is why people are separated into many groups or in my opinion two main groups.

The first group includes people who are living with their illustrative hopes and the second group contains people who are thinking in their life about causes and reasons.

Recommendation: if you want to know what type of people are you, just think about this: how much are you happy and how much are agitated?

30 Mar 2009

Hello Hello Hello, is there anybody in there…

I’m writing from father’s house, the old cell and my youth’s reminiscences. I’m writing from a place where I’ve developed and died in it, in order to start a new life which is so complicated and more complex than before. From my bed to the small spot on ceiling I’ve got a scene in my brain.
The taste was sweeter, the night of wonder, with friends surrounded, the endless river, forever and ever. Yeah pink Floyd and him, who we were living with each other as a brother, and he has gone to the sky.
The girl and girls who have made me philosophized about the reason without reasons. My parent, who were on my nerves just as a result of careful epithet. I’m remembering and thinking about how I’ve changed during the time…

15 Mar 2009


It’s really unpleasant feel when I’ve found that the universe has forgotten me. The beginning of the spring, our new year (as a Persian) and my exams as well, will have taken place on 20th of March. Now I’ve just confused, I really don’t know which of them is the real life. If I won’t attend in any of them, then something important will change in my life. Yeah it’s my wonderful life; when the earth reaches to the vernal equinox, when the life of nature will begin, when the sun will locate in the aries constellation and it sits with alpha-aries, when most of my compatriots and other people celebrate the Persian new year, when everything going to be new, I will sit on exam chair, and even my holiday will start when everywhere will close and nobody will be around. I’m just not ok…

11 Mar 2009

God Constant!

Well, when I was solving a problem in math, I’ve found a philosophical relation between religion and science. Science is a differentiation and religion is the integration of that. As far as I’ve found in my life they have got inverse relation with each other, it means when science knowledge increase the religion will decrease. But why science is a differentiation and religion is integration? As you may know there is an unknown constant for integration “K”, which mathematicians should try to find it and sometimes it is really hard and silly as well. In contrast, differentiation always has got a straight solution. In my opinion, the religion is somehow worse than this, because the constant which is God is always disappear and nobody can prove it, so there is no value for him.

28 Feb 2009

catch your own view!

The life will not be same as you want it. But what’s the meaning of life? Life means you, as soon as you were born and existed, life is begun for you, it waits for you to describe it and you should do it before other descriptions impose on you and then become a worse belief which you don’t know it. And it’s probably true that “If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.” Said Albert Einstein. You should have your own signals from universe because other’s are not trustful, they perhaps are distorted by false signals.

23 Feb 2009

Don't change the fact

Well, sometimes it is happening that the problem has read and then we want to solve it. Many methods can come up to our mind. But there is no obligation that they are always good and useful.

For instance, creating GOD is one of those which are not good for solving the problem. It usually makes us lazy and prevents us to think about facts. As a simple example, when people cannot do something, they usually come up with this sentence that GOD doesn’t want. Moreover, sometimes it could be worse than before, when they have done something successful, they say that it was a nice of GOD.

However, as a result of these things, bad science became popular instead of actual science. Eventually by this way we shouldn’t expect a good future for next generation. People should remember that the problem could not replace by illusion, it will remain constant and if we want to solve it we should be able to use logical methods which are based on facts and science.

2 Feb 2009

Don't Be Slave!

I’m always asking from myself that how much people want to be slave, and then usually I’m answering my question like this: it really doesn’t matter that how much they want, but it is matter why they want to be a slave for illusion. Yes GOD who doesn’t give us anything.

I’d like to begin by asking have you ever thought about who are you. And who is GOD. First of all, we must bear in mind that if someone (in this case GOD) created us then someone should have created him. I would like to point out that mankind have a great imagination. By this, we easily can find that the creator of GOD is people or in fact religious people. But why. As I’m an amateur astronomer I’m going to answer this question by illustrating that whenever ordinary people have seeing something shiny in sky they have thought that it should be UFO. But then, astronomer will say the truth that it’s not UFO and it’s just Venus, Jupiter or a shiny star. By this example, I’d like to mention that people usually divert themselves on someone like GOD when they are not able to realize the fact. And eventually they became a slave of nothing. And many religious people knew this so by making religion and various GOD they are able to using people. Unfortunately, people are content with that, because they just think that they solve the problem which is silly because they have just changed the subject.

But what is subject? Just follow the weblog, to be continued…

14 Jan 2009

Be Safe!

It is interesting if you think how much are you submerged in sludge?!
Anyway I know that you haven't thought about that but somewhere in this world,
I'm sitting, laughing and thinking about that...
And the only thing I can do is save my self, because we are far away from each other and even my glasses is not match with your eyes!

7 Jan 2009


Love, love, love...
Why when I fall in love, I should reprimand my emotions because nobody can understand them?
why should I demolish my self for people? why sould I hide my self behind an ersatz mask?
You are snickering at me, and the only thing is that I'm living with my love, so far away from you...

2 Jan 2009

Happy New Year

Sometimes it is important that we feel around ourselves,
Sometimes it is important that we look above,
Sometimes it is important that we ask why are we here?
Sometimes it is important that we are able to understand the universe,
Sometimes it is important that we could be enthusiastic about the creator,
Sometimes it is important that we know, who we are?!
Sometimes it is important that we discover the universe
Now the time is started...
"The Universe Yours To Discover"