28 Feb 2009

catch your own view!

The life will not be same as you want it. But what’s the meaning of life? Life means you, as soon as you were born and existed, life is begun for you, it waits for you to describe it and you should do it before other descriptions impose on you and then become a worse belief which you don’t know it. And it’s probably true that “If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.” Said Albert Einstein. You should have your own signals from universe because other’s are not trustful, they perhaps are distorted by false signals.

23 Feb 2009

Don't change the fact

Well, sometimes it is happening that the problem has read and then we want to solve it. Many methods can come up to our mind. But there is no obligation that they are always good and useful.

For instance, creating GOD is one of those which are not good for solving the problem. It usually makes us lazy and prevents us to think about facts. As a simple example, when people cannot do something, they usually come up with this sentence that GOD doesn’t want. Moreover, sometimes it could be worse than before, when they have done something successful, they say that it was a nice of GOD.

However, as a result of these things, bad science became popular instead of actual science. Eventually by this way we shouldn’t expect a good future for next generation. People should remember that the problem could not replace by illusion, it will remain constant and if we want to solve it we should be able to use logical methods which are based on facts and science.

2 Feb 2009

Don't Be Slave!

I’m always asking from myself that how much people want to be slave, and then usually I’m answering my question like this: it really doesn’t matter that how much they want, but it is matter why they want to be a slave for illusion. Yes GOD who doesn’t give us anything.

I’d like to begin by asking have you ever thought about who are you. And who is GOD. First of all, we must bear in mind that if someone (in this case GOD) created us then someone should have created him. I would like to point out that mankind have a great imagination. By this, we easily can find that the creator of GOD is people or in fact religious people. But why. As I’m an amateur astronomer I’m going to answer this question by illustrating that whenever ordinary people have seeing something shiny in sky they have thought that it should be UFO. But then, astronomer will say the truth that it’s not UFO and it’s just Venus, Jupiter or a shiny star. By this example, I’d like to mention that people usually divert themselves on someone like GOD when they are not able to realize the fact. And eventually they became a slave of nothing. And many religious people knew this so by making religion and various GOD they are able to using people. Unfortunately, people are content with that, because they just think that they solve the problem which is silly because they have just changed the subject.

But what is subject? Just follow the weblog, to be continued…