17 Dec 2008

Around here

I am analysing the world by my logic:
Each incoming spinor particle corresponds to a factor U and V for its antiparticle...
If suicide be criminal, it must be a transgression of our duty either to God, our neighbour or ourselves...

And below list happen when I am living with others?!
Wake up, eating lunch, take a shower, friend's call, party and stay for long time at night then sleep...

that is all my life around my grave!

8 Dec 2008

Physical life!

Exams are finished,
everything is cleaned,
the new year is comin,
my home is going to say hello to me,
and I have many things in my head,
so sit and listen...
There are many examples of existentialism in our routine life...

5 Dec 2008

Fighting with the ego!

Wow, it's nice when I think you will back home and have a great relaxation.
But in fact it's absolutely different 'cuz you will just go and see your grave which people get together with each other around it and spend their time to make themselves content.
Yes, I will be exist in my bloody past which is located between people who don't know me.
Moreover, I can't do any thing 'cuz I like them even if they don't know me.

Offer to my self: if I were you then I will think about my exams and also I will be some how optimist (oh shit you know me that I hate hopeful sentences).

18 Nov 2008


ahhhhhh. Happy birth day to you happy birth day to you .....

Anybody know this verse very well but nobody knows that I hate the repetitive sentences.
Lets think about something new like why am I existing on Earth?!! people just see your mask and they don't want find your truths... so they are not living with me and they are just living with artificial of me.

Maybe my dear friend said the fact:" your birth day is blessed for people who love you and you are pleasureful for them."

Recommendation: anyway, it's important for us (my mind and soul), nobody can stop us and we are going to approach bests in the Universe.

12 Nov 2008

At night...

When you have missed anything in past life,then you will search to find something to support you, like some one who can understand you and you can talk to him or her easily. But you will found that nobody is there and you are alone, no God, no mother, no father and no friends, so you should put up with your self, but it is missed too in daily routine...

Recommendation: at this moment the sky is dark, the night sky became over your head, you are typing a blog or playing by mobile and listen to old music from last moments in your goodbye party and waiting for sleep that will come and show you a dream and in the morning you will be doing maths and physics.

6 Nov 2008

My offer!

Ahhhhh, I know this old puzzle;
That people just wants a person who has most delusive character,
and it's bad for you who is always unknow...
Recommendation: don't worry, because between 6 billion people nobody should knows other, so in my opinion it's better if you could try to know your self!

28 Oct 2008

Logical Result

Sometimes it happened that you feel you can't do any thing and sometime you can't do any thing! (it doesn't matter how do you feel)
So in that condition you will find that you can't walk in your own foot and you need some one to help you. At the first stage you will try to walk by your self and at the next stage you will have two way: you will close your eyes and accept all the rescal behaviours or kill your feeling!
At this moment if you read the last sentence again, you may think that both of them are sharing similar characteristics, but in fact if I were you, I'll prefer next one.
By killing your feels, you can fuck other and sometime your self (it's something like suicide but more complicated and the good things about that is at least you will have done something which in physics we called WORK).
Recommendation: When you're doing work, the system will be changing (positive,negative or nothing)

23 Oct 2008

Gravitational Respond...

I remember that Albert Einstein said:" Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."
and then this think came to my mind that it's responsible for bending space and time toghether, so if you see through the life then you will find how much gravity fucked us by bending!
Recommendation: don't worry about gravity you can't escape! and remember it has petty effect per day, so enjoy your life...

22 Oct 2008

There is no problem!

There is nothing wrong with me;
I just established this blog to make myself content when my brain is in orgasm stage...