30 Nov 2009

Injustice, Natural Selection or Lack of awareness???

I reached the conclusion that really some of people are just alive simply because it is against the law to kill them…

I know what you may think now, but there is no necessity that common sense being so common between us, that’s why Obama can get Nobel Prize or Z. Rahnavard listed as one of the top 100 thinkers of 2009 around the world (as FP measured – rubbish and full of uncertainty-).

18 Nov 2009


The day I’ve become to world without any reasons and now I’m thinking to find some reasons in the base of nothing to be alive… (See the larger image here)

12 Nov 2009

Description of real RESISTANCE...

As we know the resistance is potential difference times current. Potential differences between two points produce a force that is called e.m.f that tends to push charges from one point to another. Current is the rate of flow charges per time across the wire.

But what is the real resistance? In my opinion, people with many differences make a huge potential (P.D.), so the society starts changing. And the population of people who are standing for their needs can make a significant current. So when these two grow alongside each other; a significant resistance can be made.