28 Oct 2008

Logical Result

Sometimes it happened that you feel you can't do any thing and sometime you can't do any thing! (it doesn't matter how do you feel)
So in that condition you will find that you can't walk in your own foot and you need some one to help you. At the first stage you will try to walk by your self and at the next stage you will have two way: you will close your eyes and accept all the rescal behaviours or kill your feeling!
At this moment if you read the last sentence again, you may think that both of them are sharing similar characteristics, but in fact if I were you, I'll prefer next one.
By killing your feels, you can fuck other and sometime your self (it's something like suicide but more complicated and the good things about that is at least you will have done something which in physics we called WORK).
Recommendation: When you're doing work, the system will be changing (positive,negative or nothing)

23 Oct 2008

Gravitational Respond...

I remember that Albert Einstein said:" Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."
and then this think came to my mind that it's responsible for bending space and time toghether, so if you see through the life then you will find how much gravity fucked us by bending!
Recommendation: don't worry about gravity you can't escape! and remember it has petty effect per day, so enjoy your life...

22 Oct 2008

There is no problem!

There is nothing wrong with me;
I just established this blog to make myself content when my brain is in orgasm stage...