30 Aug 2009

Night Fever...

I’d like to fly from here to beyond of space,

I want to throw the earthly life away,

I’d like to experience new seasons on my life,

I need to embrace death,

I just need to breath in fresh air,

I just need a place to flee from confusion fear,

Yet, I believe in this,






25 Aug 2009

When I walk and when I talk!!!

These actions are just like each other. If you take a step without thinking then you gonna be in trouble. Similarly if you say something desultory then it gonna be harsh for you. It is a great conclusion, isn’t it?

7 Aug 2009

In Less Than 4 Hours...

She left when I was thinking that I fell in love,
I knew myself, but when she came to my life,
I lost myself to find her, but she were nothing,
I just thought that she is the meaning of love,
But now I’ve got nothing in love,

She left and I’m alone with destroyed of me,
By the way, I still believe in it that,
Anything which doesn’t kill me,
Will make me advanced and powerful…