21 Sept 2009

Brain attack. . ,!

I’ve got this question in my mind for many years;
Have you ever got a love which you’ve loved it just because of feeling of love?

I think people even created God to love him and use him when they need a backrest!!!

I wonder about people why we usually take an action to make a challenging trouble and then we are going to call it life and by just using this method we are going to be normal human unless that, we will be called crazy just because no one understand us!!!

20 Sept 2009

Lamed structure!

There are three main stages to make a government paralyzed:

1. Ignore the government’s legitimacy.
2. Making gaps in the government.
3. Paralyzing the government.

Recommendation: In my opinion and may in some others’ opinions. See where are you now?

19 Sept 2009

A moment at subconscious...

I have not too much to say but feel too many inside of myself and I don’t know if I should express them or not, in fact I don’t want to make my blog painful, by the way these pains make a part of my life which I should put up with them to pass them away!!! I’m going to solve them, yeah it’s better.

I agree that some problems are caused by me or they are natural but some of them are unwanted. I’m going to get help from Plato who said we love our children because of our survival. Yeah our parent took an action and we came to the world unwanted and following that we and the challenging world remain alone…