17 Dec 2008

Around here

I am analysing the world by my logic:
Each incoming spinor particle corresponds to a factor U and V for its antiparticle...
If suicide be criminal, it must be a transgression of our duty either to God, our neighbour or ourselves...

And below list happen when I am living with others?!
Wake up, eating lunch, take a shower, friend's call, party and stay for long time at night then sleep...

that is all my life around my grave!

8 Dec 2008

Physical life!

Exams are finished,
everything is cleaned,
the new year is comin,
my home is going to say hello to me,
and I have many things in my head,
so sit and listen...
There are many examples of existentialism in our routine life...

5 Dec 2008

Fighting with the ego!

Wow, it's nice when I think you will back home and have a great relaxation.
But in fact it's absolutely different 'cuz you will just go and see your grave which people get together with each other around it and spend their time to make themselves content.
Yes, I will be exist in my bloody past which is located between people who don't know me.
Moreover, I can't do any thing 'cuz I like them even if they don't know me.

Offer to my self: if I were you then I will think about my exams and also I will be some how optimist (oh shit you know me that I hate hopeful sentences).