23 Feb 2009

Don't change the fact

Well, sometimes it is happening that the problem has read and then we want to solve it. Many methods can come up to our mind. But there is no obligation that they are always good and useful.

For instance, creating GOD is one of those which are not good for solving the problem. It usually makes us lazy and prevents us to think about facts. As a simple example, when people cannot do something, they usually come up with this sentence that GOD doesn’t want. Moreover, sometimes it could be worse than before, when they have done something successful, they say that it was a nice of GOD.

However, as a result of these things, bad science became popular instead of actual science. Eventually by this way we shouldn’t expect a good future for next generation. People should remember that the problem could not replace by illusion, it will remain constant and if we want to solve it we should be able to use logical methods which are based on facts and science.