21 Jul 2009

Brief on suicide

For many years suicide was not a justify action on people’s mind. It was not acceptable in any way. But, in my view, during the enlightenment’s time in Europe and when David Hume had written on suicide, this issue became as an important subject.

Recently, too many works had done on this issue and wide range of people include politician, philosopher and so on expressed their ideas about suicide.

In my opinion, we should deeply concern about this subject as it is one of the most important issue in developing countries. It may have too many effects on society and people. In addition, it is not a comparative issue and as a result of that each case should be concerned as an individual.
Moreover, it is highly important to know that anyone who commits suicide has enough reasons to do that like a person who is living due to enough reasons.

Finally, I would like to end my talk by saying that, please be logical about suicide. Please know about the case and then judge…