21 May 2009

Fundamentalism I

Well, I have no idea about what’s going on!

Some days ago, I’ve planned a research in order to write a paper for CSA. The research is about many things which can be using to analyze the cultural reformation.

One of its parts was about girls from different areas around the world. In fact, before I wanted to start the research, I’ve got some ideas about what is going to be happened, but the result was even worse than of my predictions.

But still it’s not my problem. In fact, I don’t know how in a society which people have got fundamental problems about the basic things in their relationships we would be able to solve the homosexual’s problems.

In my opinion, the main problem in this kind of cases is just culture and reformist’s movements. Well, it is just like that you want to be someone who you haven’t seen him or her yet. Yap, when you are living in middle-east and you try to be westernized without any knowledge then it’s going to be a disaster.

And it can be clearly seen that, why the relationship between boys and girls in western society is much better than the same relation in eastern and especially in middle-east.

To be continued…