8 Jan 2010

Big chaos in my head!

It seems that tranquility and equilibrium are impossible to reach for me. It seems that my life is going on a sine curve. Sometimes on π/2 and sometimes on 3π/2. Everything was ok until I’ve found that there is no damping on this sine curve. This is not a scenario this is the behavior of my life.

Yet, the process is much more complicated than this. There is no formulation behind the life’s process, you may be able to formulize some parts of it but believe it or not there is no chain formulation, at least this is what I’ve seen and found.

The reason can be appeared simply by looking at some parameters. One of those parameters is the origin! The origin is the point that a person has started his or her life. The person’s current position depends on that origin, while it also depends on conditions which made that unwanted origin (parents or society and so on). Moreover, people sometimes cross with each other in some points during their life, so the process can be affected by these unpredictable points.

At this point, I know nothing…